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Bentota is Sri Lanka's water-sports centre. The sea here is calm and an excellent diving location. The beach divides into two, the north end comprising a spit of land – dubbed "Paradise Island" - dividing the waves of the Indian Ocean from the still waters of the Bentota Lagoon, while the more pleasing southern end comprises an attractive swathe of wide sandy beach where some of the island's best upmarket hotels are located. Surprisingly, although Bentota is one of the island's most popular resorts, the beach is relatively quiet.

The Bentota Lagoon offers a wide range of water-sports such as wind-surfing, water-skiing, canoeing, banana-boating and deep-sea fishing. In addition, the Bentota Ganga (river) has been an important tourist attraction since the 19th century. Boat safaris up the beautiful river provide an ideal opportunity to observe a variety of fauna – from herons to crocodiles - associated with a wetland environment.

You can also explore the remains of the Galapata Vihara, built in the 12th century, which has interesting wall paintings, Buddha statues, and a large rock that has an extract from the chronicle, the Mahavamsa, carved on it.

About 3km south of Bentota is a turtle hatchery, where eggs bought from fishermen are buried. When they hatch the baby turtles are kept in tanks for a few days before being released into the sea...