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Negombo, "The Village of Honey", is Sri Lanka's oldest beach resort, just 6km from Bandaranaike International Airport and therefore popular for stays on arrival or before departure from the island. Famous in the 18th century for the cultivation of some of the best cinnamon in the world, Negombo is now one of the island's most important fishing ports. The catamaran-type fishing craft, called oruwas, fitted with their large sails, characterize Negombo. On their return from fishing their trademark creamy-brown sails dot the horizon, becoming bigger as they make their way to the shore. You can even arrange to go out in one or, at least inspect its meticulous and clever design

The main tourist resorts of Negombo is situated just north of the town. It has a long, often wide, picturesque stretch of sandy bay with numerous attractions both on land and water, and a string of well-established hotels. There is plenty to do apart from swimming and sunbathing as windsurfing, diving, and even kite surfing have become popular sports here.

Negombo is a centre for Roman Catholicism (its nickname is "Little Rome") and so the town is dominated by beautiful shrines and churches. The biggest is the impressive, candy-coloured church of St Mary's, built over a period of 50 years from 1874, which exhibits some amazing ceiling paintings.

While each church in Negombo celebrates its own patron saint's feast day, the small island of Duwa (separated from the southern end of town by the lagoon) stages passion plays at Easter with puppetry and theatre that usually involve the whole village – a great event to witness.

The waterways surrounding Negombo offer the opportunity to explore the area. The Dutch Canal – also called the Hamilton Canal – runs south to Colombo and north to Puttalam. It was designed especially to transport spices such as cinnamon. You can enjoy peaceful boat trips observing local life and appreciating the wildlife as you glide by.

The Negombo Lagoon – a great expanse of water usually visible from your plane window as you land or take off – is famed for the quality of its prawns and crab. It joins the Indian Ocean to the north, and to the south weaves into the estuaries and waterways of the Muthurajawela Marsh – a mangrove-studded wetland 15km south of Negombo that makes for a great excursion.